Past, present and future of communications in the region, Leeds, 25-26/07/16

Traditional and digital media have become key actors in the young democracies of Latin America and the Caribbean over the last few years. Media actors have influenced the configuration of governance across the region, due not only to their important role as a channel between civil society and the state, but also to their ability to shape the power structures of society.

This conference will explore the connections between the media and models of governance in the region, from both a comparative and an interdisciplinary perspective, paying particular attention to changes in the communication patterns of governments, interest groups, journalists and news organizations, NGOs and civil society. We are interested in paper presentations exploring empirical, theoretical and methodological issues connected to research on media and communications in the region, rising issues about how Latin American scholarly traditions, approaches and cases can better dialogue and inform academic debates of global relevance.

We are pleased to hold the third version of this conference in the School of Media and Communication, University of Leeds, and in coordination with the International Association for Media and Communications Research, as a pre-conference of the IAMCR 2016.