I CONGRESO INTERNACIONAL SOBRE ESTUDIOS DE PERIODISMO. Identidad, cambios y desafíos de la profesión en el siglo XXI (27/06/2012 al 29/06/2012)

Journalists’ perception of objectivity and professional roles in Spain and Switzerland: triangulation of methodologies

Celebrado en el Centro de Eventos Nacionales e Internacionales (CENI), Universidad de Santiago, Santiago (Chile)

This paper sets out to analyse journalists’ perception of objectivity as well as their professional roles in two European countries, Spain and Switzerland. In order to appropriately understand the professional context, we use the concept of journalistic culture that is formed on the line between national cultures and the general concept of culture. The analysis of the attitudes of professional journalists within a country can be seen with greater clarity when compared with the attitudes of journalists in other countries. We compare both countries using different dimensions proposed by Hanitzsch (2007) and colleagues in the Worlds of Journalism study (WoJ) . We analyse the differences between objectivity and professional roles as conceived by journalists using WoJ study data, in which we, the Spanish researchers, participated.  The study explains the differences and similarities found in the WoJ project with the results obtained from 39 in-depth-interviews carried out with professionals of both countries. By using quantitative and qualitative data we try to perform a triangulation of results. In this way, we obtain a more profound interpretation of the responses from the professionals. The qualitative study confirms the results of the quantitative research of the WoJ, but also shows the relevance of various aspects of intervention and objectivism and suggests refinements in the interpretation.

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