Visiting Research Scholar in University of Miami Institute for the Americas

From October to December 2016 I’ll be at the University of Miami Institute for the Americas ( as Visiting Research Scholar. Our aim is to continue with the project «Culturas Periodísticas» ( in this region of USA.

MIA is an international center focused on twenty-first century issues that are impacting Miami, South Florida, and the Americas as a whole. MIA analyzes trends and phenomena involved in these issues in order to take advantage of the positives and respond to the negatives to promote the common good. MIA does this through focused analysis by multidisciplinary teams constituted by faculty, students, and other experts who aim to inform both the public and private sectors. These teams provide possibilities for both undergraduate and graduate students to obtain skills that open up career opportunities.

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Tuesday November 15 2016 at 12.00pm I present JOURNALISM VS. JOURNALISMS:
IS THERE A LATIN AMERICAN JOURNALISM CULTURE ? in the Albert Pick Hall 1541 Brescia Ave. Suite 110 Coral Gables, FL 33146 (University of Miami). In this dissertation I provide a descriptive and multivariable examination of Latin American journalists’ practices, roles and worldviews based on survey data in seven countries.




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