The Second Edition of the book «Journalism in Latin America: Journalistic Culture of Ecuador»

The second edition of the book «Journalism in Latin America: Journalistic Culture of Ecuador» presents two new chapters, a review, update and graphic improvement of the analysis of the journalistic culture of Ecuador as representative of the Andean region and Latin America.

The book is structured in three parts. In the first of them (chapters I, II and III) the concept of Journalistic Cultures and its implications to the communication and studies in the area is developed and an approach to the concept and the reality of the journalistic culture characteristic of Latin America as a region is carried out. The second part of the work (chapters IV to VII) begins with the location and contextualization of our object of study, the journalistic and communicative reality of Ecuador. This theoretical basis will allow the reader to reach the third part of the book (chapters VIII to XV) with sufficient conceptualization and context management to delve into each of the dimensions of the journalistic culture addressed.


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PART I:  Journalistic Cultures

Chapter I: Journalistic Cultures

Chapter II: Journalistic Culture of Latin America

Chapter III: From where Journalistic Culture of Latin America comes, where it is, and where it [should] go

PART II:  Journalistic Culture of Ecuador

Chapter IV: Journalistic Culture of Ecuador

Chapter V: Public Policies in Communication and Media System

Chapter VI: Professionalization of Journalism and Professionalism of Journalists in Ecuador

Chapter VII: Communication in Ecuador, funda- mental right or Public Service?

PART III:  Journalistic Culture of Ecuador Project

Chapter VIII: Conceptual Framework

Chapter IX: Methodological Framework of contextual analysis

Chapter X: The perception of the influence factors of Ecuadorian journalists

Chapter XI: The self-perception of professional roles of Ecuadorian journalists

Chapter XII: The idea of objectivity of Ecuadorian journalists

Chapter XIII: The ethical guidelines of Ecuadorian journalists

Chapter XIV: The perception of professional auto- nomy of Ecuadorian journalists

Chapter XV: The trust levels in institutions of Ecuadorian journalists




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