WJS Meeting in Paris

Three years later, the Worlds of Journalism Study global network is face-to-face in Paris. Colleagues from more than 50 countries meet at the University of Paris.


Tuesday, 31 May 2022
09:00-10:30 Welcome and update on new developments Thomas Hanitzsch
10:30-11:00 Coffee & Tea
11:00-11.45 Regional reports Regional Coordinators
11.45-12.30 Questionnaire amendments Thomas Hanitzsch
12:30-13:00 Lunch
13:00-14:00 Field work / typical issues & data cleaning Corinna Lauerer
14:00-15:00 WJS3 sampling definitions Martin Oller and Ivor Shapiro
15:00-15:30 Coffee & Tea
15:30-16:00 Planning ahead Thomas Hanitzsch
15:30-16:30 WJS Association business Thomas Hanitzsch

Presentation with Ivor Shapiro of our project «Reviewing the Sampling Definitions». We convened a panel that produced sampling definitions for WJS3, which were approved by the Central Council in November 2019. These definitions, contained in the explanatory “working paper”, have proved helpful for the sampling in more than 100 countries. We are now drafting a research report on this definitional work.

The section of WJS-Latam and Caribbean presented its report.

Key Points:

  • Have data on 15 countries.
  • Of those, 11 have initiated interviewing, with two almost complete.
  • All expect to finish by 2023 deadline
  • Difficulties reported –
    • Political in two countries  – elections season, repressive environment
    • Financial shortcomings for teams noted in three countries
    • Covid-19 – Perú has decided to survey online due to very high mortality rate (6.5/100,000).
  • Want to recognize the high rate of mortality of journalists in Latin America
    • According to the Swiss Press Emblem Campaign as of October 2021
    • Latin America accounts for 8.4 percent of work population, 30% of Covid mortality and 52 percent of journalists worldwide who died from Covid-19 related illness.
TeamSample FieldworkData analysisSelf-deadlineComments 
ArgentinaYesFinishedInitiatedNoExpecting finish in the next few months 
BoliviaYesFinishedInitiated (20%)NoExpecting finish in February 2023Financial resources to carry out 80% of the sample; Journalists have trouble understanding some of the questions. 
BrazilYesConcludingNoNoExpecting finish December 2023Election scenario. No data on regional stratification of journalists. 
ChileYesFinished90 surveys finished of 600NoJanuary 2023Slower than they have planned 
ColombiaYesFinished122 surveys finished of 480NoDeficit of economic resources 
Costa RicaNoNoNo 
CubaYesNoNo. Expecting start in June 2022December 2023Safety (security) of researchers given political climate. Deficit of economic resources 
MexicoYesFinished80%NoExpecting July 2022Slow in two regions without academic support. Have hired interviewers 
EcuadorYesFinishedBetween October -December 2022NoJuly 2023Problems with the stability of the research team. 
PeruYesFinished30%NoNDOnline surveys because the COVID-19 
El SalvadorYesFinishedYesNoAugust 2022Several difficulties to meet journalists and to establish the research team 
GuatemalaNDFinishedNoNoNDSeveral difficulties to meet journalists and to establish the research team 
VenezuelaYesFinishedInitiated (26 surveys)NoDecember 2022 
ParaguayYesFinished390 surveys FinishedNoAugust 2022
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