ITALY: Risks and Opportunities Related to Media and Journalism Studies (2000–2020). Case Study on the National Research and Monitoring Capabilities

In this technical report, the Italian team analyzes the risks and opportunities regarding governance and the media landscape in Italy based on deliberative communication. To introduce this report, we present: firstly, the main traditions and trends in the last twenty years (2000-2020) and the present-day situation of the Italian media research and monitoring system; secondly, the structural peculiarities that may be important for this report and that determine the risks and opportunities related to deliberative communication (and its four domains); thirdly, the institutions, bodies and actors of media, communication, journalism research, education institutions, transnational or-ganizations that monitor media systems globally, large comparative research projects that collect data periodically and produce comparative analysis over certain periods, units in the media industry structures or linked to media, scholars and research groups in universities, independent organizations or professional associations, and organizations that may be regarded as a branch of Government or public body; fourthly, the funding system of media research and monitoring (public, private, project-based, etc.); and, fifthly, the national research database and most important journals in the area of communication and journalism.

Link to download this document (free):

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