The constitution of Worlds of Journalism Study e.V.

§ 1 Name, head office, financial year

1. The name of the association is Worlds of Journalism Study.

2. After its registration in the register of associations it will also bear the suffix “e.V.”.

3. The association has its head office in Munich, Germany.

§ 2 Integration, purpose of the association

1. The purpose of the association is to undertake scientific research to assess the state of journalism (as well as news organizations and journalists) throughout the world.

2. The association shall only pursue aims which are directly of a non-profit making nature, as defined in the section «Purposes Eligible for Tax Relief» of the Fiscal Code of 1977 (sections 51 to 68 AO).

3. The association shall not be active in its own interests and shall not pursue any economic aims of its own.

4. The association’s funds may only be used for the purposes set out in the constitution. In their capacity as members, the members of the association shall receive no endowments or dividends from the association’s funds.

§ 3 Membership

1. Any natural person or legal entity may become an active member of the association if their main occupation is related to the scientific study of journalism.

2. An application to join the association must be made in writing.

3. The committee shall decide whether to approve the application to join the association. An appeal may be made against the decision within one month before the next general assembly of members.

4. Membership ends due to: a) Death of the member; b) Resignation by the member; and c) exclusion from the association.

5. A member may resign from the association at any point in time. Notice must be given in writing.

6. Members who have resigned from the association shall have no claim to a share in the assets of the association.

7. A member who acts against the interests of the association by willful intent or due to gross negligence may be excluded from the association by a 2/3 majority of the general assembly of members.

8. There are no membership fees.

§ 4 The committee

1. The committee shall conduct the affairs of the association in an honorary capacity.

2. The committee shall consist of the first chairperson; the second chairperson; the treasurer; and the secretary.

3. In accordance to section 26 of the German Civil Code, the association shall be represented by the first chairperson and by the second chairperson. Each of them shall be entitled to represent the association alone.

4. The members of the committee shall be elected by the general assembly of members for a period of four years. All members of the committee shall remain in office until new elections are held, even if their term of office has expired.

5. The members of the committee can only be dismissed from office by an extraordinary general assembly of members.

§ 5 The general assembly of members

1. An ordinary general assembly of members must be held at least once in two years.

2. The committee shall call an extraordinary general assembly of members if at least 10% of the members sent a written request to this effect to the committee, stating the reasons.

3. A general assembly of members must be called in writing by giving a period of notice of at least four weeks and announcing the agenda.

4. The general assembly of members shall be presided over by the first chairperson. If the first chairperson is prevented from doing so, the general assembly of members must be chaired by the second chairperson. The general assembly of members may select someone to head the meeting if there are reasons for doing so.

5. Elections and resolutions shall be passed by a show of hands. On the motion of a quarter of the general assembly of members elections and resolutions shall be kept secret.

6. When candidates are being elected to the committee, the candidate who obtains the largest number of votes shall win the vote. Other decisions shall require a simple majority.

7. However, should the subject of the vote be the exclusion of a member, an amendment to the constitution or the dissolution of the association a 2/3 majority shall be required. An amendment to the purpose of the constitution can only be decided unanimously.

8. Abstentions shall not be counted.

9. Minutes must be kept on the general assemblies of members and are to be signed by the secretary and by the person who chaired the meeting.

§ 6 The dissolution of the association and the use of the association’s assets

1. In the event of the dissolution of the association the officiating members of the committee shall be the liquidators.

2. If the association is dissolved or if its purposes should no longer be eligible for tax relief, its assets are to be used for purposes which qualify for tax relief. Any resolutions concerning the future use of the association’s assets may only be executed after approval has been obtained from the tax authorities.

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